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Jun 2020 05

ADN Ckrystall

In the year 1977, a new electronic music formation was born: ADN Ckrystall.
Together with Vangelis und Tim Blake, mastermind Érick Moncollin was jamming in the summer that year,
playing a prototype of the legendary Korg MS 20. After studies of music and sound at the art school in Toulouse,
he started in 1978 to play live in smaller clubs and on events. Together with a member of the goup Gong,
he continued his musical experiments.
In 1982, the first and only vinyl album of the group was released: ‚Jazz Mad‘. The following years saw over 30 concerts
and multimedia-performances by ADN Ckrystall, including support gigs for KAS Produkt and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
1984, the famous ‚In-Edit‘ 7″EP including the underground hit ‚Deutsch Napalm‘ was released, unfortunately 80% of the
pressing were destroyed by a waggon.
In 1987, the last vinyl release under the name of ADN Ckrystall was the ‚Museum EP‘, a flexidisc included in an art magazine.
A very limited tape, ‚L’Appel du Vent‘, finished posthumously the chapter ADN Crystall in 1991.
The rerelease of his old, very rare material together with many unreleased tracks have been awaited feverishly by insiders.
The music of ADN Ckrystall, though, should not only appeal to fans of minimal-electronic music, but should also be of
high interest to every friend of electronic synthesizer-music.

Appears on:
– ADN Ckrystall – ‚Collected Works‘ – limited -D-CDR in DVD-Box [MetaWaveClassix: MWC-005]


1999 Analogwerk was founded by the two boys from Worms in Germany.
Before there was Punk, New Wave, study in music, Avantgarde and the
‚Park De Lux‘ techno-project with credits of Dave Wakeman in his
‚Evosonic show – the future sound of radio‘ -where tracks of
‚Park De Lux‘ were played. – Exhibitions f.e. at the ‚Traumfabrik Worms‘
and cooperations with other musicians such as ‚Projekt Klangform‘ followed.
The soundscapes of Analogwerk are often mixed live and join different
sources and samples such as ‚Hackbrett‘, Drums, Guitars and recently singer
‚Yvelle‘ has joined the band – Based on and combining
Electro, Drum´n Bass and Ambient.

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]

Astrea Redux

Already 1984 Astrea Redux was founded. Inspired by those good old times AR developed an
unique avantgardistic sound that was partially produced together with John Foxx (Ultravox).
Exactly these professionell demos with their romantic / minimalistic flair will also be released
[on MetaWaveClassix] this year besides the new Longplay-CD „Language“ [MetaWavePop].
Since 1995 founder Axel Treusch works together with Oliver and Christian Münch („A New Ground“),
both bands united in 1999 and released their double-album „So Very Distant“.
A milestone of the german music-scene.

Appears on:
– Astrea Redux – ‚Language‘ – CD [MetaWavePop: MWP-001]
– Astrea Redux – ‚Fractals‘ – CD [MetaWaveClassix: MWC-002]

(El) Aviador Dro

Formed in 1979 – (In 1980 already, the members of the now famous
electro-industrial group ‚Esplendor Geometrico‘ left El Aviador Dro).
In the same year, the first El Aviador Dro releases brought a new music to Spain:
‚Technopop‘. Often referred to as being the ‚Spanish Kraftwerk‘.
They were the first to establish an independent record label
not only to produce their own music, but also to help many underground artists,
from the punk-scene too, to release and publish their work.
This way El Aviador Dro became the leading figures in the
spanish New Wave movement, the ‚Movida Madrileño‘.
Till today, El Aviador Dro have released more than ten full-time albums
and thirty singles and extended singles and still love to play
live f.e. at the ‚Sonar-Festival‘.

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]
– Aviador Dro – ‚Radiactivo Tour‘ – 7″ Single [MetaWavePop: MWP-004]


Equatronic is Oliver Thom.

Appears on:
– Equatronic – ‚Plas:tique‘ – CD [MetaWavePop: MWP-003]


Infam is André Geisler.

Appears on:
– Infam – ‚Limbo‘ – Maxi-CD [MetaWavePop: MWP-002]


We really love our job to care about the success of
newcomer Krometekk, the so called cyberqueen.
‚In 1999 I was introduced to the world of PC and everything changed.‘
With all the old members of recent bands gone she formed ‚Sylikon Flux‘
which went in more of a techno/dance direction
then into new breakbeat/cyberpunk-porn sound as Krometekk,
after having assisted as an engineer in a studio (‚Nova Music Productions‘)
‚Just as I felt I was achieving my ‚formula‘ I got approached by
MetaWaveFuture and things have exploded for me as an artist.‘

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]

Mark Lane

Mark Lane started to work musically in the late 1970s. He used electronic sound to make cut-up rhythms and bought his first synthesizer
– a monophonic Electro-Harmonix with two oscillators- in 1980.
In 1981 he released his first disc – the ‚Love is so aggravating‘ 3-Track 7″ EP.
His early music is very minimal synth-pop styled music coupled with a unique vocal style.
As influences, Mark lists Kraftwerk as well as Klinik and even David Bowie, Brian Ferry and Brian Eno.
In 1982, the second release came out – a blue 9″ Flexi called ‚The Reflection‘ – today a highly sought-after item.
It was not before 1984/5 that Mark released his first ‚long’player – the classic ‚Who’s really listening?‘ MLP.
The release was followed by a tour through Europe where Mark played together with The Klinik.
Through the years, Mark collaborated with many artists – Attrition, Data Bank A, De Fabriek, Hidden Agenda, Vomito Negro
and even with the synthesizer-veteran Conrad Schnitzler.
He also was editor of the On-Slaught Cassette Magazine from 1982 to 1985.
In parallel, Mark has also established himself as a painter. He has been creating fine arts for almost 20 years and
his works are in private collections as well as in collections of Museums (e.g. Museum of Modern Art and Carnegie Museum).
Today, he can look back on some wonderful electronic music releases and spend time with either his huge collection of
electronic music recordings or with his collection of fine analogue music equipment.

Appears on:
– Mark Lane – ‚Who’s really listening? +‘ – CD [MetaWaveClassix: MWC-001]
– Mark Lane – ‚Creepy a la Weepy‘ – CD [MetaWaveClassix: MWC-004]

(The) Meta Intergalactic Orchestra

No Information available yet.

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]


A new talent from southern germany:
Transformations, mutation, permutation, modulation
dynamics, cuts and collagetechniques using
sinus-, square- and sawtooth-waves, noises, impulses,
any soundsource to be found and the human voice.

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]

Psyclonic Parandroid

Already in 1988 he met one of his best friends and started to make
electronical music together with him as ‚Soundscape‘.
In 1992 he was at the ‚Documenta IX‘ in Kassel and worked there
at ‚Van gogh TV‘ (the first fully interactive TV-Show in the world)
as composer and sound engineer.
He now continues to compose in expanding styles of electronic music
with new energy and the will to bring back the power and fun of music,
so Sascha started his project ‚Psyclonic Parandroid‘.
Psyclonic Parandroid appeared on the japanese ‚UMMO‘ -Label on the
‚World Wide Kind‘ -Compilation.
His name is a fusion of 4 words. ‚Psychic‘ + ‚Cyclone‘ and ‚Para‘ + ‚Android‘.
Generally it is meant to sound somewhat surreal, expressing the mental storm
of a million thoughts in a person, seeing the world in a lot of different views
and being a mixture of man and machine of emotion and rationalism.

Appears on:
– Psyclonic Parandroid – ‚I have seen the future‘ – 12″ Maxi [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-001]
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]

Seij Minus aC

From near Tokyo presents unique industrial influenced ritualistic electronic sounds
he calls ‚(music of) a negative scalar dimension w/in desolate silence‘.
-‚invisible layers of agony, sorrow, fear, destruction, speed, light and their basis‘
but which are also for sure a hot recommendation for those who loved Haruomi Hosono
and the ‚Yellow Magic Orchestra‘ in the 80s.
The characteristics of his musical appearance may be described with key words such as
complex electronic texture, synth beat sound scape texture, aggro-noise, ethereal..
Compilation appearances at ‚Sonic Seducer Magazine‘, ‚Chain d.l.k‘, ’neuf noir‘, ‚final exit‘, ‚arts industria‘
and a first full length-album available at ‚Sonic-X‘ – other appearances f.e. ‚love kills!‘ of in ’strict confidence‘.

Appears on:
– Various – ‚Futuristic Trips‘ – Compilation -CD [MetaWaveFuture: MWF-002]